Best 4 Free Steps to speed up WordPress website in 2021

Best 4 Free Steps to speed up WordPress website in 2021


You may have fast and reliable hosting for your wordpress site. But that doesn’t guarantee that your website is going to load faster. The more content and the more stuff your WordPress website has, the more time it is going to take to load. These tips to speed up wordpress website.

Website speed in important, whether you have a blog or an e-commerce store. follow these tips to speed up your WordPress website.

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Let’s jump right in!

#1. download and activate a caching plugin

Why use a catching Plugin?

The catching plugin allows you to create a copy of your site once it’s loaded and saves it on your visitor’s device.

If they enter your site again, the preloaded site appears instantly.

The difference it makes is very helpful!

Some Hosting companies like hostinger include a caching plugin pre-installed. But you can install a free caching plugin like W3 Total Cache. this will greatly improve and speed up wordpress website.

Here are some tweaks you can make on Caching plugin:

  •  make sure that page cache is enabled
  • For Shared Hosting, use the enhanced option
  • For CLoud Hosting, use Memcache option
  • enable browser cache
  • save all settings
  • Click on page cache
  • Enable Post cache
  • Tick the cache feeds
  • enable cache SSL request
  • save all settings again 

some providers like Hostinger and Siteground take care of that for you!

if you’re using these providers, You’ll have a caching plugin pre-installed and configured. This site runs on Hostinger and the caching plugin lightspeed cache is preinstalled. if you’re using siteground you get a plugin called sg optimizer.

If you have a pre-installed caching plugin, then you don’t need to change any settings. Its all done for you!

#2. Use a content delivery network

Even though we used a caching plugin, the website data still has to travel to the location of your visitor. This can slow down your website and can reduce your google rankings.

The servers your hosting providers are using can be very fast. but can take time while traveling worldwide and every second matter.


Lets say a visitor from india trying to access your travel blog located on USA.

What happens?

All the site data like,

  1. Blogs
  2. Graphics
  3. Javascripts,
  4. HTMLs

are going to sprint from USA to India. This takes up some time and it’s good idea to keep your content all around the world. How do we do it?

To speed up your site we are going to use a CDN or Content Delivery Network comes in. It puts your website data all around the world, so when an international visitor access your blog, he/she will have a smooth experience.

The free CDN service is provided by Cloudflare, all you need to do is Signup and follow these steps:

  1. type in your website name
  2. go into your domain provider’s name server settings
  3. Change those 2 values
  4. Delete 2 values and enter the values given by Cloudflare
  5. the update might take a couple of minutes

For a Detailed and Step-by-step guide on how to signup and activate CDN using Cloudflare, kindly click here.

#3. Compress your images to speed up your site

Even though Your website will be fast when you follow these steps, once you publish some blogs and upload some media, your site will be getting slower. That’s because the more disk space you use, the more it needs to be traveled.

So what can you do about it?

To speed up your wordpress site, You can use either delete unwanted media like pictures and gifs.(Not the best option)

Or, you can just use your caching plugin like W3 Total cache or lightspeed cache to compress all your media.

Compressing is a better option than deleting your media because it gives you more space that means your website’s speed and performance is going to increase.


  1. go to Performance of your caching plugin
  2. Enable Minify
  3. go to user experience
  4. Enable Lazy load Images
  5. Save all settings

Minify is going to compress all your images so that there is more space.

Lazy loading images is going to load your images only if you scroll down to them. This will greatly speed up your WordPress website!

#4. Enable The Newest PHP Version:

Make sure that you take a backup of your site before you do this. The new and updated version can break your website. Click Here to learn how to backup your website for free.


  1. Go to my Cpanel
  2. click on select PHP version
  3. Select the newest version (as of now, it’s 7.4)

 Remember That all of these steps speed up my wordpress website because I have good hosting. Don’t use a crappy or free hosting and expect these tricks to work.

Use reliable hosting that suits your budget so that you have a fast loading website, to begin with.

Bluehost is recommended by WordPress. Click here to learn why.


  • Delete unwanted plugins
  • use Caching plugin
  • Enable Minify
  • Use CDN

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