Chemicloud vs Fastcomet, Pros, and Cons, Which is THE Best?
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Chemicloud vs Fastcomet, Pros, and Cons, Which is THE Best?


We are bout to find out which web hosting provider is best for you between chemicloud vs fastcomet. first of all you need to know the prices between these two web hosting providers. lets get started!

The table of Prices:

Web host providerStarterProTurboLinks
source: chemicloud, fastcomet

Table of positives and negatives

(between 3 plans)
(between 3 plans)
No of website1-unlimited-unlimited1-multiple-multiple
Storage space15-25-35 GB15-25-35 GB
Discount50% Off70% Off
Pricing Term2-year, 3-year1-month,1,2,3year
Discount LinksVisitVisit
SOURCE: Chemicloud, Fastcomet

Chemicloud vs Fastcomet

Pros of Chemicloud

Chemicloud has some features that are not found on Fastcomet. here are some main features that are only found on chemicloud.

Unlimited Bandwidth:

In Chemicloud, there are no restrictions on how many unique visitors can access your website, so this is a must feature for the fast-growing or stable website.

if you are just starting out or building a website from scratch, then this feature is not as important.

Free domain name forever:

chemicloud offers a free domian name for its users that you can use it forever, as along as you host your website with them.

if you decided to switch to another web hosting provider, then you need to pay for the domain name.

so as long as you stay with chemicloud, you will get your fancy domain name for free.

Click here for more Pros of Chemicloud.

Pros of Fastcomet


Almost all of the web hosting providers out there increase their renewal rates by a lot, like 50%. but with Fastcomet, you will get a lot of options on when to pay…

and the best part is that you can pay per month or per year, rather than coming to 2 or 3 years like chemicloud.

You can pay for fastcomet per month or per year without loosing your discounts.


Unlike Chemicloud, some security features are built in with fastcomet when you buy web hosting from them.


Because it keeps your website safe and it makes your website load faster.

Experts Review:

Choose Fastcomet if you want these features.

  1. if you want a User-friendly option
  2. if you don’t want your renewal rates to be higher
  3. if you want some security features built-in
  4. if you want to take advantage of unlimited email accounts and its features.
  5. run a website from a mobile phone, using the cPanel.
  6. Take advantage of faster loading speed.

Choose Chemicloud if you want these features.

  1. If you want 24/7 customer support
  2. if you want 99.99% uptime
  3. If you want a free domain name forever
  4. If you want a long 45-day money-back guarantee
  5. if you want super speed SSD Storage for your web hosting.


Conclusion. Chemicloud vs Fastcomet

So we have layed out every single features, plans and pricing at the floor for you to make a desition.

if you are just starting out, then Fastcomet might be a good fit, because you don’t have to pay higher renewal rates and you have dome in-built security features that will keep your website safe.

If you already have a website then Chemicloud might be a good fit, because They Provide Unlimited Bandwidth, this won’t limit how many new visitors can visit your website.

Remember that both Chemicloud and Fastcomet provide Great features like Free daily Backups and Unlimited Email accounts. This will help your website to grow and make more profits!

So in this chemicloud vs fastcomet article, we learned how these web hostings provides more great features absolutely for free.

all you have to do is, go through the Table containing prices and Table of positives and negatives to determine which hosting suited your needs.

and finally, check the experts advice on chemicloud vs fastcomet and don’t forget to use the links in this website to buy your next web hosting service as these links will give you additional discounts when you checkout.

Thank you so much for reading and learing about chemicloud vs fastcomet web hosting. hoe you enjoyed it, make sure to share this article! and ill see you in the next one!

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