Dreamhost Review 2021 – Things to know before you buy!

Dreamhost Review 2021 – Things to know before you buy!


In today’s article ‘Dreamhost review‘, I will be going through the information about everything you should know before you buy Dreamhost. I am going to explain the key advantages, disadvantages, support, performance, and overall what type of website that benefits from using Dreamhost the most. With that all being said let’s get into The Dreamhost review.

If you look at the prices for the plans…It is quite cheap.

For comparison, a plan that offers a similar feature from SiteGround (a more premium web hosting provider) costs you around $135, while BlueHost costs you around $90.

Plans and prices of Dream host:

WordPress Hosting Starting $2.59/mo

Website Hosting Starting $2.59/mo 

 .COM Domain Names $6.99 

WordPress Migrations Free

Dreamhost vs Hostinger vs Bluehost vs Siteground (plans with similar features)

DreamHost $50

Hostinger $65

Bluehost $90

SiteGround $135

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As we can see, Dreamhost provides hosting services at lower prices compared to Hostinger, Bluehost, and Siteground.

If you are planning to get hosting for 3 months, 6 months, even a year…Then Dreamhost is the best choice.

Dreamhost Review

Dreamhost Activation Process

There is no need to wait for Activation or no manual approval of your plan. All you need to do is to wait around 3 mins for the server space to be allocated for your plan.

User Interface of dreamhost

The control panel itself is easy to understand and definitely more beginner-friendly than the control panel that comes with other web hosting services.

next, you can install WordPress without leaving the interface.

You got a be patient here…

The installation process took me 23 min. At one point, I even thought it was stuck. So I’ve contacted the support…

They responded the most immediately but they explained that well, Basically it’s working fine…It’s just slow, So don’t get worried if it’s taking longer than you would expect.

But one’s it’s finished…Wolla!

Default WordPress Theme..yay!

For me, the whole process of purchase to going online, The whole process took about 30 mins.

At the moment it seems that Dreamhost is going through a bit of a Beta phase with their control panel…New functions are added every single day, But keep in mind that this is work in progress…

You also can change the site-specific settings like…

Changing the password, set auto-remove emails to save space, and even set up an autoresponder.

You can even change the PHP versions to the latest one, Dream host does offer PHP 7.4 which is the latest one as if now.

You can also manage your website’s files manually and see when your Free SSL certificate expires…

But don’t worry too much, as  Dreamhost renews your SSL certificate automatically and for Free as well.

This is true for the every-single domain you buy as Dreamhost.

Performance of Dreamhost.

This is an interesting part of the blog because this is the main component of the service you are paying for. Everything is a nice bonus ar simple gift.

what I find disappointing is that Dreamhost, Unlike A2 hosting or SiteGround more a speed-focused web hosting company, Doesn’t offer pre-installed plugins or software to help you optimize your website.

Dreamhost relies on 3rd party plugins that you need to install it on yourself and learn to use yourself if you want to optimize your website for the BEST performance.

Dreamhost only has 2 data centers where they store all of your website information and they both located in the United States, One on the west coast and one on the East coast…

That’s why I always recommend using data centers that are going to be closest to your user base and not YOU.

The main takeaway from this is, If your customers are not from the United States, then you might want to consider another hosting provider that has data centers all across the world like Hostinger and SiteGround.

Conclusion of dreamhost review

By this point in time, Dreamhost is offering really cheap hosting services if you buy it for a short period and while still offering competitive performance.

Not only Dreamhost handles traffic with ease but also provides you with competitive features.

The only downside is the data center locations. As if now Dreamhost servers are located in the United States ONLY…

So if your customers are in a different region…Then you might want to consider buying hosting from international hosting providers. 

Providers like Hostinger and SiteGround provides international Hosting services.

Here is an article about HOSTINGER VS BLUEHOST that you might want to consider if you want to launch a website apart from the US.

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