Hostinger Review India,BEST Long term web hosting 2021

Hostinger Review India,BEST Long term web hosting 2021

Before we get into the review, keep in mind that This Website Is hosted on Hostinger web hosting (Cheapest plan). So we will be taking a look at website speed, User experience, and pricing. ✌

With that being said, lets get into the review!

In this Hostinger review India, we will be taking a look at Hostinger, its prices in India, Hostinger pros and cons, and finally my suggestions and Hostinger alternatives.

Hostinger India Introduction:

Hostinger is an private web hosting company and an internet domain registry. Hostinger is launched in 2004, has over 30 Million registered users in over 170 Countries.

Hostinger uses latest technology like PHP 7.4 and uses google data centers.

They provide fast and reliable web hosting around the world. they have their own data centers and use their own H-Panel for their web hosting and have WordPress optimization Built-in. (More on that later)

Hostinger plans India:

In this section of hostinger review india, we will take a look at Pricing structure and difference between Discounted price and Regular hostinger pricing. Lets get started!

Discounted price is what you’ll pay for the first time, but the regular price is what you’ll pay to renew your web hosting.

Hostinger Discounted Price Chart:

1-YEAR₹99/mo₹229/mo₹359/mo1-YEAR₹ 1,402 -1
₹ 3,243 -2
₹ 5,083 -3
2-YEAR₹89/mo₹169/mo₹229/mo2-YEAR₹ 2,520 -1
₹ 4,786 -2
₹ 8,468 -3
3-YEAR₹59/mo₹119/mo259/mo3-YEAR₹ 3,342 -1
₹ 6,740 -2
₹ 14,670 -3

Hostinger Regular Price chart:

1-YEAR179/mo359/mo₹ 449/mo1-YEAR₹ 3,827 -1
₹ 6,609 -2
₹ 9,218 -3
2-YEAR169/mo229/mo ₹ 419/mo2-YEAR₹ 6,645 -1
₹ 12,309 -2
₹ 16,142 -3
3-YEAR₹159/mo₹199/mo ₹ 399/mo3-YEAR₹ 12,280 -1
₹ 23,608 -2
₹ 29,991 -3

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On the above hostinger india pricing chart, we can clearly see that:

  1. Hostinger is cheaper for long-term web hosting (2-3 Years).
  2. Hostinger is Expensive for short term web hosting (1-year)

Hostinger India Review:

There are many things you need to consider before picking a web hosting provider.

The web hosting provider must be Reliable, Safe, Easy to use, and must have 24/7 Customer support. Thankfully Hostinger ticks all these points and They have more benefits to enjoy, here are some of them that really stand out!

Hostinger Pros:

In this section of hostinger review India, we will take a look at Hostinger Pros. Pros is what makes a web hosting provider stand out from others. Lets take a look at Hostinger Pros!

#1. 99.9% Uptime guarantee on all plans! 👍

Uptime refers to how long your website is up and running on the internet. If your website is down, then no one can access your website. So its important to always keep your website up and running.

Hostinger gives you an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. The other 0.001% might be for server Maintenance, but this is a strong guarantee given by hostinger. Because if your website has an uptime of 99.8%, then you can claim your rewards!

#2. Hostinger’s use of Latest technology 💻

Hostinger uses some most advanced and latest technology out there. these include:

  1. PHP 7.4
  2. Google data centers
  3. Lightspeed
  4. RAID-10
  5. Bitninja
  6. HTTP/2
  7. SSD Storage

-Source: Hostinger

Why using latest technology is good for you?

  • Faster loading speed
  • Faster server response time
  • Protection from Hackers
  • Easy Backups and restores
  • Generally Better SEO

#3. Multiple servers all around the world 🌎

A Server located near to your audience result in faster loading speed. If your servers are located further, then the files have to travel a large distance, this can increase loading time.

So, your servers contain the website must be located near to the audience.

Thankfully Hostinger has servers all around the world!

The Hostinger servers are located in:

  1. UK
  2. US
  3. Brazil
  4. Netherlands
  5. Singapore
  6. Indonesia

You can choose the server location you want after checkout process.

#4. Freebees 🆓

Many web hosting providers provide a free SSL Certificate for 1-year for free. but Hostinger provides a free SSL Certificate forever. you don’t need to pay extra for it.

Not only that, but they provide A free domain name for free in 1st year for bigger plans. if you buy their cheaper plan, then you won’t get the free domain name.

Some web hosting providers like NameCheap provide Domain name free forever if you pay them early. But keep in mind that Hostinger provides cheap web hosting plans in India.

#5. WordPress optimization 😎

Only some web hosting providers including Hostinger provides WordPress optimization. What is WordPress optimization and whey you need it?

Web hosting proviers like hostinger optimises its servers, security, and features so that your wordpress website loads and ranks faster.


  1. Hostinger uses LightSpeed technology and Lightspeed cache is preinstalled when you install WordPress.
  2. Hostinger has security features built-in their user interface

Speaking about Hostinger’s user interface, it’s not hostinger cPanel, it’s called h-panel. It’s super easy to use and it’s very very easy to navigate.

Hostinger Cons:

In this section of Hostinger review India, we will take a deep look at Hostinger cons, these are the things that you need to watch out for before you buy web hosting plans form Hostinger!

#1. No unlimited bandwidth on cheapest plan

Bandwidth determines how many users can visit your website at the same time.

if more users visit your website at the same time, then it might crash your web servers. so it’s better to go with the bigger plans if you have more audience.

#2. No. of visitors restriction

Hostinger restricts visitors from entering your website. this mainly happens if you have huge traffic and a cheaper plan. so, generally, Hostinger wants you to Buy the bigger plan.

We have been using the cheapest plan for about 1-year now but we haven’t noticed any difference. just beware that this exists…

#3. High Renewal rates

This is a common issue in the web hosting industry. Web hosting providers like hostinger provide web hosting for the cheapest price at the beginning and then charge you 2X or even 3X for the renewal rates.

you can’t do anything about it. but you can have an additional 70% discount for starting your WordPress journey, by using the button below…👇

Hostinger India Suggessions:

💥 If you are just starting out, then Hostinger is a great option for you.

You will get easy-to-use h-panel and 24/7 customer support on your side. and you can make use of WordPress optimization to boost your google rankings.

💥 If you already host your website on another web hosting provider, then you can opt for a bigger and better plan from hostinger…

💥 One thing is for sure:

  1. Hostinger is THE Cheapest web hosting provider for long term use 🤑
  2. Hostinger can get expensive for Short term 😑

Hostinger India Alternatives:

If you think Hostinger is not my cup of tea, then you can seek these Best Hostinger Alternatives to start your WordPress journey!

  1. Fastcomet – No high renewal rates 😋
  2. Bluehost – Recommended by WordPress 🥇

hostinger web hosting

Before we get into the review, keep in mind that This Website Is hosted on Hostinger web hosting (Cheapest plan). So we will be taking a look at website speed, User experience, and pricing. ✌

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